Saturday, August 21, 2010

Everything Sad is Coming Untrue

"From the war torn city streets
To the trash the slum dogs eat
It seems so hard to believe
And meaningless to pray..."

As we walk through the streets of Mundri, it is easy to see brokenness. It's easy to give up and live in a state of hopelessness. If that was the end of the verse, it would be a pretty sad song.

As we welcomed the WEPC team to Mundri, they walked through the streets, the market, and had conversations with young men on the football pitch. At first glance, it's hard to have hope for development with so little infrastructure in place and so much uncertainty in Sudan. It's hard to have hope when the youth are disillusioned with the church and their community leaders. There have been times when I have felt it might be meaningless to pray, when I can't see any glimpses of hope, when I don't see how God could even start to work in a situation. Our eyes can become clouded by sin.

It isn't always easy to see the foretastes of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in Mundri. However, we can boldly share the certain hope we have in Christ! God is at work in Mundri!

The WEPC team was challenged to look for places that the Kingdom is advancing in Mundri. As they prayed and spent time with our Sudanese friends, they saw God at work. If you attend WEPC in Richmond, VA, I hope you have an opportunity to hear from the team in their own words.

I pray that you would all see God at work in your own communities and share this certain hope because everything sad IS coming untrue.

"... But in Rwanda's killing fields
Forgiveness blooms and heals
And the power of love reveals
The Kingdom come today
Everything sad is coming untrue."

~ Everything Sad is Coming Untrue, Pt. 1, Jason Gray

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Month in Pictures

Here are several pictures from the last month. I will write more on my thoughts and prayers from the last few weeks soon, so think of this a preview. =)


The Archbishop came to Mundri for the dedication of the Bishop's house and our houses at the end of July.

The community planted mango trees on church land which will bless generations to come with good fruit

Women reading scripture at the dedication of the Bishop's house

Archbishop and his wife, Bishop and his wife, along with Reverend Yona and his wife whose generosity is an encouragement and a blessing to the community


I headed back to Uganda for some errands and to go on safari with our interns, Jordan, Phil and John. We were joined by several members of the Bundibugyo team and their intern, Anna. It was a great time of fellowship, and we got to see a lion!

On the roof rack of the Land Cruiser


A team of six men, one woman, and one 12 year old boy from my home church in Richmond, VA came to Mundri for a week. They were a deep encouragement to our team and we are very grateful!

Computers up and running at Mundri Secondary School thanks to the WEPC team

The whole team from WEPC with me at the Hai Salaam water project site

The incredible blessing of having a friend from Richmond experience Mundri with me