Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday we installed the solar panels and the submersible pump at Hai Salaama. Today we are heading back to fix some leaks and install the float switch. Check out these pictures from yesterday!

Everyone posing with the submersible pump (except for John who took this picture)

Putting in the submersible pump

Water flowing!

Fixing leaks in the late afternoon

Some of the kids that we watching us work

A jerrycan for every size person =)

Monday, October 18, 2010


Our team is going to miss the three Masso children dearly as they are heading back to the US for the next seven months.

Gaby is just so cute, and he knows it.

Even when Gaby puts on his Jedi fighting face, he is still cute!

Liana is wearing a dress she designed and sewed herself.
She even taught me how to sew last year.

I love these two pictures of Acacia.
The first captures her natural smile and warmth.
She didn't know I was taking the picture. =)

This is her classic awkward face as she wonders why I am taking a picture of her swinging.

There are five TCKs (Third Culture Kids) on our team. The three Masso kids have spent most of the lives in Africa. Gaby even calls himself African American since he is an American born and raised in Africa. Last night as we celebrated the Masso as a team, we were playing a game that required everyone to answer questions written by other team mates. One question read "What is your favorite African English word or phrase?". Acacia answered that she can't tell the difference between African English and American English which makes complete sense for her.

It isn't uncommon to find TCKs living and working overseas as adults. Larissa and I are also TCKs in different ways. I have a unique connection with my friends that are also TCKs. I could ramble on more about TCKs, but that isn't the point of this post.

The Masso children are returning to America for the first time in three years. Pray for these three wonderful little people as they go back to a country that their parents call home.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Group Photo!

Above is a picture of Bethany and me on Saturday with women from the secondary school after I told the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead. You can see some of Bible storying tapestry behind us. We also did a physics experiment using a piece of string, a straw, some tape, and a few balloons. I really enjoy doing hands-on activities with these women.

Here is another group photo from the last week of John, Phil, and me with the men on staff at the water office after completing the solar panel rack for the Hai Salaam water project. You can make out the structure which is painted silver behind us. It looks simple, but it required a few days of cutting angle irons, welding, etc.