Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Back to Mundri!

It's official! Or as official as it is going to get until I work through details and paperwork with WHM and Eastern which could take a while.

I'm heading back to Mundri for about 7 months for my field practicum, which will complete my MA in International Development from Eastern University! 

I get different reactions when people hear that I have lived in South Sudan and that I am heading back.  A lot of people are surprised and ask me why I am going.   

I have heard all of the reasons I shouldn't go.  In fact, I have considered many reasons that will never even cross your mind.  I have counted the cost.

I am not a unique person who doesn't like stability and comfort.  I have spent a lot of my life traveling and moving, but I still long to be a part of a community of friends that is steadfast and unchanging.  Even if I lived my whole life in the same small town, things would change.  The only truly steadfast person in my life is God.   

I am going back to South Sudan. Not because the cost is small.  But because of the one who paid the cost I could never pay on the Cross.  Not because I made and impulsive thoughtless decision.  But because of the call from God that I have doubted and prayed over repeatedly.  Not because I'm a special person who finds the life of a missionary easy all the time.  But because of the one who carries my burdens and gives me strength. 

I could come up with a million reasons not to go including the fact that I am not guaranteed success in ministry.   Missionaries are definitely not granted an easy button for life from God.  But I truly love partnering with Christians in Mundri and seeing God at work in a place that is now a part of "home" for me.  Some days things will be really hard and there will be sacrifices, but I can tell you first hand that there is also tremendous joy in the missionary life.

So I'm headed back to Mundri, and if you wanted to know why, I hope this post helps you understand a bit more of the answer to a question I struggle to answer myself some days.

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Kristin Simmons said...

What better reason to go!