Saturday, March 29, 2014

Easy Answers

When I meet new people and they ask me simple getting to know you questions, I often get overwhelmed. In this last season of transition, answering those questions was particularly complicated to the point that friends who know me well sometimes stepped in, breaking the awkward silence and summarizing for me.  =) 

Stranger: "Where are you from?" 
Christine: "Well.... Connecticut, Florida, Virginia, Brazil, but most recently South Sudan... I'm a TCK... Nowhere... I've lived a lot of places..." 
Stranger: "Isn't there an active conflict in South Sudan?"
Christine: "..."

Stranger: "What do you do?"
Christine: "Well...I'm a missionary, community development, facilitator, water engineer...." 
Stranger: *insert several follow up questions here*

*Visiting the city water system in Lui, South Sudan*

But now, for the first time in a long time I have simple, easy answers to getting to know you questions.  I just started a new job, so now when I introduce myself I can say "Hi. My name is Christine, and I'm a water/wastewater engineer from Richmond, Virginia."  The End. =)  Of course, there is more to that answer, like there is for most people, but the simple version is a good representation of this new season of life for me. I enjoy sharing my story and talking about South Sudan, but sometimes I just want to have an easy answer and pay for my groceries. =)

I'm thankful for the new job God has provided, and I'm thankful that at least for now, I have easier answers to basic getting to know you questions.  I'm also thankful for great friends who know me well and know the much longer versions to those questions!


Heather Pike Agnello said...

THRILLED to hear about your new job, Christine. SO, SO happy for you!!! Thanks be to God!

Larisochka said...

:) So happy for you...and eagerly anticipating all the deets on week one.